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Things to Know

Alex’s Vinaigrette is hand made in small batches using extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, dried herbs & fresh garlic.


A dressing for many uses

For marinating fish Alex recommends adding lemon and soy sauce to the marinade mixture. (dill or Parsley optional).

For Marinating Chicken Alex recommends adding rice vinegar, molasses, onion powder and paprika to his marinade.

Over time the proportions in your bottle might change or you might prefer more or less vinegar simply adjust with a little vinegar or olive oil as you prefer. There are plenty of herbs and spices to carry it through.


The Story of Alex’s Vinaigrette 

In the mid 1970’s I was working two restaurant jobs. One was in a Natural foods collective called Homeward Bound and the other was Chez Bon, located at one of the original Ramada Inns on Old Highway 66 in Flagstaff AZ. It was somewhere between these two worlds that the dressing was born. I used to make it for the staff at Chez Bon, and also at the big communal house of our Homeward Bound family. Time passed and I married Michele DeRose, (may she rest in peace) her father owned an Italian restaurant and I started making it for her side of the family as Christmas gifts, my side for Chanukah. It became popular in the family and with friends too. More time passed and I continued making it for friends, family and special occasions. My dressing has appeared on kitchen tables from Arizona and New Mexico to Connecticut and Florida.

Over the years many people have suggested I sell this dressing, making it available to the public. I appreciate and thank them all for their encouragement!


Alex’s Vinaigrette & Marinade $12.00

E-mail Alex at:

or call (919) 491-5089 Also payable through Zelle and Venmo (@Alexander-Weiss-28)

Orders Three or more will deliver in Durham or Hillsborough


Comments for Alex’s Vinaigrette

I absolutely love love love Alex‘s vinaigrette. This is definitely a must for every household. You can’t find this flavor anywhere 😋

Ricky Scheiner - Ricky's NY style Pizza

Wow! I am in heaven! 

Alex kindly gifted me a bottle of his favorite vinaigrette salad dressing this past holiday season and I was completely blown away! When I asked if he sold it anywhere he said no he just made it for friends. I immediately implored him to think about a business making salad! It turns out I am not the only one who has made this suggestion fortunately he has decided to do it on a very small scale. Do not miss this! It is the best salad dressing I have ever had and I am so excited to be buying a locally made product. 

Carol Anderson - proprietor of Vaguely Reminiscent

I had the great good fortune to watch Alex make his recipe salad dressing from start to finish and oh what a treat it was to witness first hand the precision chopping of the garlic cloves and his metered out herbs by eye. After the vinegar and oil are added comes the rigorous physical shaking of the contents of the bottle and it’s a work out! As for the taste - it’s wonderfully great tasting and pure love goes into every bottle.  

Christine M. May, 2022


Señor Blanco recommends salad tonight ~.^)

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