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Composer, multi instrumentalist, storyteller and director for Different Drum the Afro/Latin Ensemble, Señor Weiss comes from Farockaway, a small costal village on the edge of New York City. His love of music began as a little boy watching the marching bands parade through town on the national holidays. Young Mr. Weiss played in the school bands and in several blues, and rock/jazz fusion bands before leaving New York and taking to the road at age 20.


Alex’s interest in other cultures and lifestyles led him to travels across the US, through Mexico, Central and South America and eventually to Europe, North Africa, The Middle East and Asia. He’s played music on every continent but Australia & Antarctica.


Alex lives in Durham, N.C. with his wife and partner in music Li-Lan. Alex has eight Cd’s available on the Silent Dayze Music label that feature a wide variety of genre’s from his original compositions with Afro/latin styles to Songs of Hope and Protest and Renaissance music.

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